Closet Organization: 

I work with you to empty your closets and sort through items that need to be donated, consigned, or “trashed”.  I can design and install a closet system if required, and then organize all remaining items back into your closet.

Single-Room Organizing: 

I can organize almost any room in your home, including the basement, attic, pantry, craft area, playroom, garage, home office, nursery, and laundry room.  Often I bring in accessories (shelving, bins, hooks,…) to help implement a system and maintain organization.

General Clutter Clean-Outs: 

Has your house, room, closet,… become over run with stuff?  I can help you sort through the clutter using various techniques.  I will recycle, donate, and consign your items as needed.

Moving / Downsizing: 

I can be as involved in your move as you want me to be.  I provide a variety of moving services depending on your stage of life.  Click for More Details

Holiday Organizing:

The holidays can be overwhelming and exhausting. NeatNancy can help set-up and make your home beautiful, or put away all holiday decor, storing it in labeled boxes, bins and accessories, making it easy to find for next year.


Maintaining an organized home can be a challenge. We all know how life sometimes gets in the way. NeatNancy offers annual, semi-annual or periodic “touch-ups” to ensure everything is put back where it belongs.

Additional Services:

NeatNancy is a full service personal organizing company. If there is something you need help organizing or de-cluttering that you don’t see on my site,  just ask – like Camp Packing.